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Nudism and naturism in Greece
Sea Locations and Beaches where to practise Naturism
Area Men and Women

Mykonos was once a nudists' paradise. It is now chancy to say the least. It's a lively island, well known for many years as a meeting place for the gay community. The inflow of more an more textiles means that if naturism is your priority it is hard to recommend Mykonos these days, particularly in high season; however it's fair to say that this is not a universally held view.
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Naturism - Paranga
Paranga - a sandy beach between two headlands about 5km from Mykonos town, sounds worth noting. This is the beach between Plati Yialos and Paradise, and one end is at least 50% nudist and is to be highly recommended. It is possible to walk to Paraga from Plati Yialos over the cliffs, it is about 10 mins along the Plati Yialos beach, then 15 minutes over the cliffs. However note that there are two beaches separated by a narrow peninsula of sand - avoid the near one, the far one is the main beach. Beach sandy, some rocks in water, but many places where you can enter over sand.
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Naturism - Lia Beach
Lia Beach is about 14km from Mykonos town towards the East of the island. The road is clearly signposted and you now drive past the Fish Taverna on a newly built road/track. You can park the car in the car parking area and then you are on the beach. There are no facilities on the beach but it is good coarse sand. The beach shelves steeply to deep water, only swim if you are a good swimmer. During my contributors' visit to Lia Beach, they were the only ones on it from about 09:30 till about 15:00 when a party of four turned up. They saw they were naked and immediately stripped off too. Very isolated and secluded amongst the rocks, a perfect haven for naturists. 100% naturism on weekdays.
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An island memorably described as a haunt for a lot of young people, many of whom belong to the "Sand, Sea and Sex Brigade", who seem to equate nudity with a form of advertising ... !
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Naturism - Kolitsani
Kolitsani is probably the best bet for a real nudist beach. This is in a small cove on the headland between the port and Mylopotas. Along the way to Mylopothas from the village, before the Mojo club you have to turn right and park your scooter or car in the parking lot. Outside it, on the right, follow the white arrows down the hill. You'll find a nice little beach divided in two parts by a cliff. On the right hand side, again facing the sea, there's the place where you can sunbathe nude. Most singles (male and also female), some couple, some group of friends. Not much crowded, anyway, by nude people nor textile ones. Nice sea: clear and easy to get into.
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Naturism - Tris Klisies
Tris Klisies: Just before you reach Manganari by the dirt road, you see this lonely beach on the left side on the road. There is a little goat path leading to this beach. There is a small rocky island, very small. But it makes the water shining from deep-blue to green. When my contributor was there, there were few people, max. 8. There is 2 Olive trees for shadow, no booth for drinks or snacks (thank good). If you want it even more lonely, pass this one beach along the coastline to the left if facing sea, walk about 10 mins.
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This is a beautiful island, but not great for its beaches, most of which are volcanic black. The island is a major destination for tourists from all over the world, and the prices in the main town of Fira are hiked for the benefit of the many cruise boats that call there.
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Naturism - Katharos
Katharos is said to be an official nude beach near Oia. View out to sea is great, especially towards sunset. Room for a good walk, albeit across mainly pebbles.
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Naturism - Vlychada
Vlychada: many correspondents describe this as the best for naturists in Santorini. It is without doubt very beautiful. Follow the signs into Vlychada and when you see water, park and walk to the right, past the umbrellas and chairs. A polite distance (50m or so) later nude use begins and stretches for about a kilometre until, rounding a point, an inhabited area is encountered.
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Naturism - Beyond Perissa
Beyond Perissa: the other main beach resort is Perissa, fortunately less developed, still quite pleasant for a more relaxed stay. Toplessness is common here, nudity unknown in the developed section. There are reports of nudity past the developed area, although predominantly of a few single men. The beach is black, and the sea bed consists of smooth rock shelf.
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Naturism - White Beach
White Beach: on the other side of the hill from the Red Beach. You have to climb that hill to get there, not a very difficult path, nor tiring. The beach is very large with some trees which make some shadow. A beach of pebbles, with a large part of it covered by sea plants. Almost all people here were naked.
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Naturism - Plaka Beach
Plaka Beach: excellent long bay, mix of textiles and non textiles, vendors selling water melon, fruit & doughnuts, very civilised! Wide beach, clear sea with almost no waves. The sea bed has a few patches of rocks for underwater interest, but mainly just sand. It is very popular with my contributors, some of whom think Plaka Beach is the best in Greece!
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Naturism - Kastraki
Kastraki, south of Mikri Vigla (i.e. just south of Plaka) had nude bathers on the beaches on either side of the solitary beach restaurant as well as on the sand immediately below the restaurant although Kastraki was mainly textile. South of Kastraki before Pyrgaki there are some mainly naturist beaches, below a cliff on which sits what looks like a deserted prison or an abandoned part-built hotel. Lovely water, shelving quite steeply and rocks between the bays.
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Naturism - Almyros Beach
Almyros Beach is 45 km north of the island capital of Kerkyra next to the tourist resort/village of Acharavi. It is the eastern end of an 8 km long sandy beach. The easternmost part is gay. The nudist beach starts to the east of George's Beach tavern. Accomodation in Acharavi, 3 km distance. In september 2000 this beach was disappointing, it is very open, there were only a few people. At the east end of the beach there is is a small bridge across a tiny river. The bridge is not suitable for cars. After the bridge there is a network of tracks and two small beaches can be found. Several times my correspondent saw only clothed people there but at other times there were naturists, possibly depending on who is there first. The first beach is quite open, the second one more secluded and has some shade. To reach the second beach first some trees have to be passed, except for those trees this area is quite open. It is best to go there by bicycle or scooter, it would be quite a long walk especially for the second beach.
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Naturism - Agios Spiridon
If you drive to the beach at Agios Spiridon continue right to the end, there is a small bridge, cross the bridge, then after 2-300m of dirt track there is a crossroad, turn right, this wil take you right onto the beach. On the left of the beach are some trees which give wonderful shade. The beach is used by locals who where very tolerant of the naturists who tended to stay near the tree end.
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Naturism - Aghios Georgios
Aghios Georgios: approximately 11km north of Paliokastritsa by road and is sometimes known as Aghios Georgios (north). Now big developments all along the beach. The resort stretches for 2 miles with a rocky foreshore, however the north beach is superb. The south beach runs for 2 miles and backed by cliffs. It is only nude to the south by rock fall, but if you clamber over the rocks you have another 3 miles of beach again backed by cliffs and mostly populated by nudists.
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Naturism - Koroni
Koroni: This beach is delightful with very fine gold sand several metres into the sea. To find drive from Argostoli direction towards Skala through the village of Platies. Where the main road forks for Skala to the right and Poros to the left take the right fork, 400yards there is another fork and take the right off the main road and go immediately right again onto a track, beach is signed Koroni. Carry on the track all the way down for approximately 3 miles. It gets steep but is driveable even in a small car. There is parking at the beach and walk right to the other end.
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Naturism - Mounda
Mounda: east of Katelios are Kaminia and Potomakia which are collectively known as Mounda. As reported above there is a rocky outcrop south of Skala at Cape Mounda where naturists congregate and it is possible to scramble from Katelios to Skala along the beach. Kamina is a great shallow sandy beach that is popular with families and the beach is backed by new developments which threaten to spoil the area. Consequently there are also sunbeds and parasols here.
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Naturism - Avithos
Avithos: 10 mins north of Trapazaki, well signposted off the main coastal road is a delightfully long and sandy beach called Avithos, which reportedly has a busy/textile Northern end with two nice tavernas, but only five minutes walk up the beach is well spread out nude bathing/swimming. This is a lovely sandy, gently shelving beach, backed by cliffs about 30 minutes gentle walk from top end of Svoronata. There is parking at the end of the concrete road that leads to the beach where there are also 2 tavernas. Going down a slope on to the beach, there is a beach bar and sunbeds.
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Naturism - Paxos
Paxos is a small island about 2 hours south of Corfu town by ferry. It's covered in olive trees with a rugged west coast of tall cliffs and a string of pebble only beaches on the East coast. There are three towns/villages on the east coast. South from Gaios by speed boat about 20 minutes there is the island of Antipaxos with two magnificent textile beaches separated by a smaller quieter pebble beach where it might be possible to go nude.
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Naturism - Paxos
Paxos has no sandy beaches. The west coast is mainly sheer cliffs, but the eastern coast is full of small pebble bays. The larger and more accessible beaches are textile. The island caters mainly for the yachting fraternity and for upmarket European holiday companies so has a rather mature and sophisticated clientele who are not really worried about a bit of bare flesh. Nudity on the boats sailing off-shore is common. As far as nudity on the beaches is concerned it would seem to be first come first served. It may not be the obvious place to go to for a nude holiday, and it hardly compares with Skiathos or Mykonos for nude sunbathing choice, but it does contain quite a bit of nude sunbathing potential.
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Naturism - Lakkos Beach
Lakkos Beach: the beach attracts a complete selection of nude sunbathers, including couples (with babies), and singles of both sexes. Even the local fisherman uses to arrive in this small boat in the late in the afternoon for a quick nude sunbathe.
Kaki Langada and Alati: nudist beaches between these two villages.
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Naturism - Antipaxos
Antipaxos is not a naturist holiday venue, unless you manage to rent a villa with a secluded garden. There are two sandy beaches Voutoumi and Vrikas separated by a pebbled beach called Mezzovrikas. The sandy beaches are overrun during daylight hours by scores of textile visitors who arrive by boat from neighbouring Paxos and Corfu. Boats also anchor in a wide arc across the mouths of all three bays so although the centre pebbled beach may by less crowded it it is not obviously naturist.
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Naturism - Armeos
Armeos: an "official" naturist beach, in as much as it is shown as such on tourist information displays in nearby Galissas. This beach is easy to find. It's just behind the hill where Hotel Dolphin Bay is located. There are three ways of getting there.
An easily negotiated rough path can be followed around the headland, which has Agia Pakou church on top. When the beach is reached, last few metres require some rock climbing.
An easier (if more arduous) route to Armeos beach is found by following steep steps that are located about 50m before the end of the road that leads to the headland. This path takes the traveller close to the church of Agia Pakou. It is worth taking a few moments to visit this typically Greek church before continuing down a narrow rough path (which at times can be steep) to the beach.
A slightly less strenuous route to the beach can be found by passing through the Dolphin Bay apartment complex. This joins the same path that lead past Agia Pakou, but avoids the steep steps.
Armeos beach is about 80m long and between 5m and 10m from the water line to the top of the beach. It consisted mainly of large pebbles with some small patches of sand and some stone enclosures. There are no facilities; therefore, it is wise to bring ample supplies of fresh water and food.
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Naturism - Delfini
Delfini: Delfini beach can be reached by car or moped from the north side of Kini town. Delfini beach is about 300m long of which 100m to the left hand side is nudist. At the nudist end of the beach it consists of fine golden sand from the waterline for 5m then pebble for 10m to the top of the beach. There is a single taverna at the textile end of the beach.
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Naturism - Aetos, Lia and Grammata
Aetos, Lia and Grammata beaches, accessible only by boat or footpath, are recommended by a local map as being suitable for nudism. All these beaches are on the nortwestern part, North of Kini. The whole west coast seems to be mostly deserted, according to the map, with very few tracks.
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Naturism - Katergaki
Katergaki: easy access about 9km from Ermoypolis is the village of Vari. Next to the beach is a small hill. The opposite side is Katergaki, a Lesbian and gay friendly place with big rocks and very clean water for swimming. The easy way is from the small road after Fabrikas beach.
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